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          Students Handbook

        RFP APs - Nov.1.2016

        RFP Firewall - Sept.5.2016




It is indeed an honour to serve as President of The Mico University College. I am delighted to be here among you at this prestigious institution. The Mico University College has built a rich legacy that has existed for almost 200 years ...

Develop leadership, fluent social skills and a sense of community through engagement in College and Departmental activities.

The Department of Early Education

Offering the following Electives

  • Civics for Educators
  • Developments in Early Education in Jamaica
  • Ethics,Leadership and Management in Primary Schools
  • Understanding Childhood & Early Adolescent Development

The social aspect of the students life at The Mico University College is of paramount importance to the institution mission

Student activities, the non-academic services to the students and the code of conduct governing the behaviour of students are detailed in this section.

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Hall of residents life is part of the teacher education and training process. This provides experience and learning in areas that are not easily programmed within the structured timetable.

In the community of the Halls, it is possible to develop those social skills which are vital in getting along with others.

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