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Overview of Business Unit

The Business Unit at The Mico University College is a part of the Social Sciences Department which is within the Faculty of Humanities and Liberal Arts. The unit was established in September 2008 to foster and develop a diverse community of students that will harness and develop their strengths, confidence and expertise in the pursuit of knowledge and excellence in the area of Business Education. The curriculum is designed to expose students to skill sets that are in high demand not only in the field of education but for businesses (profit or non profit) and government entities.

The Business Unit currently offers four programmes-

  1. Four-year(8 semesters) full time B.Ed Day programme
  2. 12 semesters full time B.Ed Evening programme (inclusive of summers)
  3. 8 semesters  B.Ed Evening programme (inclusive of summers)
  4. 6 semesters B.Ed Evening programme (inclusive of summers)

Programme selection is based on matriculation

Graduates of the Mico University graduate with a general business education degree and not a particular specialization in a field.  The required curriculum consists of the internal aspects of a business which includes courses such as; Principles of Marketing, Business Communication, Business Law and Microeconomics, plus the external aspects of businesses focuses on courses such as International Business, Entrepreneurship and Professional Ethics and Successful Business Policies and Strategies. The elective/minor selection can be diverse. Areas such as Computer Science, Music, Mathematics and Social Studies are just a few that are chosen from. Minors and electives are started during the second semester of year 1 for the day students and semester 5 for the 12 semesters evening students.
Current Business classes size range from approximately 15 to 30 students. Students are usually placed into groups to complete assignments, benefit from group synergy, to form deep social bonds and to gain valuable experience in teamwork. With experiential learning as the focus, teaching is done through case studies, lectures, field work and projects. The lecturers are facilitators and moderators who guide the teaching learning process. In most courses the grade consists of 50% course work and 50% final exams. In a few cases courses are project/ research based.
Apart from the teaching practicum experience that is given to all students, year 2& 3 business students are given the opportunity to be tutors to year 1 students. They are also given the opportunity to immerse themselves into various industries to examine the policies and practices of different organizations. These activities are designed to integrate educational objectives with other cultural, social, economical and organizational objectives.