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The Faculty of Humanities & Liberal Arts embraces the University College's mission to equip students for a globally-focused and dynamic environment by providing scholarly, creative and professionally planned programmes and activities that will enable our students to examine humanity holistically and to provide them with the skills needed to become active participants in a culturally diverse society.


The vision of the Faculty of Humanities and Liberal Arts is to achieve academic and professional excellence in its undergraduate programmes by fostering a diverse community of inquiry, discourse, discovery, expression and reflection. To this end, in the next four years, the Faculty will graduate students who will succeed in further scholarly pursuits and professional careers. In addition, the curriculum will be continuously reviewed with special emphasis being given to the courses which offer students exposure to careers in their chosen fields.

The Faculty of Humanities & Liberal Arts in all of its programmes places special emphasis of the following values:
  • Excellent teaching by interacting with students
  • Academic integrity
  • Interdisciplinary initiatives
  • Academic excellence
  • Personal and professional ethics
  • Self-worth
  • Appreciation of human diversity and respect for all cultures
  • Independent critical thought
  • Volunteerism
  • Compassion
  • A spirit of collaboration
  • Social consciousness and awareness
  • Infusion of research in their teaching
  • Student engagement in research, professional training, academic and community life.